James Charlie Jewelry Sterling Silver Faceted Black Onyx Chain Link Stretch Bracelet

Faceted Onyx Chain Link Bracelet

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This high quality natural midnight black Onyx comes from Africa. Each bead on this bracelet has been hand carved by a lapidarist. This limited eddition bracelet is one you wont want to miss out on. It has 3 solid sterling silver beads and facets on each bead to give it that perfect sparkle. 

Bead Size: 10mm

Origin of Stone: Africa 

Metal: 925 Sterling Silver

All of our bracelets are handmade and strung on one of the strongest stretch chords. These bracelets are definitely meant to last. *If our bracelets ever start to get loose over time or if something happens to them, send everything back to us and we will make the bracelets look brand new again plus we will ship them back to you for free. 

*If you are missing any beads or sterling silver there may be a small replacement fee. 

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